Can’t Stand an MRI? There is a Solution

If you hate to use regular MRI machines, then you are not alone. Most people would be surprised that a significant part of the population does not enjoy being inside the MRI machines. While some may find it no problem, others have a huge issue. The good news is that a viable alternative does exist.

Issues with MRI Machines

First we have to understand why some people have a problem with MRI machines. It goes well beyond finding them annoying. Many people are seriously claustrophobic, which means they are going to have a very hard time lying in that enclosed space for more than a minute. They will start to feel very unsettled, while some may even get nauseous. It is not a good experience, especially if that person is already sick.

Physical Issues with MRIs

open MRI scanner

There are also those who have a physical issue with the MRI machine. They are unable to lie down in the straight way that you must be when you are getting into the machine. It can be due to a back problem or some other injury. In any case, they are not able to be in that machine for more than 30 seconds. And that is not long enough for proper testing.

What is the Alternative?

The great news for such people is that the open MRI scanner exists and it is better than ever. These open scanners are as good as the regular MRI machine. The only issue is they are not available as frequently. Patients who do have an issue with a typical MRI machine will want to find the centers in their area that offer these open MRI machines.

What you would have to do is contact your doctor, let them know that you cannot use a usual MRI machine and have them schedule you for an open MRI scan somewhere else.